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Norsk Helseportal is a learning and career portal for medical doctors in Norway. The portal has more than 6000 medical doctors and contracts with 9 pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novartis, GSK, Bayer, BMS and more.

The network contains multiple tools interacting with each other to create synergy and efficiency. This includes modules for webinars, podcasts, video catalogs, classified ads for job recruitment, marketplace, community part with walls, feeds, and pages.

We are now doing a scale up in Germany under the name World of Doctors –

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Omtale i Finansavisen 21.04.23

Market and business plan

The network is free for of charge for medical doctors. The revenue is generated from mainly adds and recruitment activities.

In Norway there are 27.000 doctors. In Germany there are 409.000 medical doctors, and in Europe a total of 1.75 million doctors.

The pharmaceutical industry uses yearly around € 20.000 on each medical doctor in marketing costs. We aim to take a market share of 1-5 % in each respective country.

The pharmaceutical industry can legally do marketing only directed to health care professions. In our network, every user to be accepted is verified by secure identification and cross checked to the national health care register certifying they are doctors. This makes our network secure to address pharmaceutical ads as well as for highly targeted marketing.

Today the main marketing activity by pharmaceutical companies is done by sales representatives. The effectiveness of sales representatives is declining worldwide due to legal regulations and due to reduced availability of clinics. Our closed network of physicians can therefore disrupt the business of pharmaceutical marketing.

Secondly, recruitment of health services is a big business. There is a globally increasing shortage of doctors that is worsening every year. A global market size of USD 10-16 billion is reported in 2023 annually. The German market alone is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. Compared to our competitors, we can create a recruitment management system that takes advantage of the already accumulated number of users in the portal.

Business Highlights

Version 1.0 of the Norwegian Health Portal was launched in March 2020 where we tested proof of concept. Furthermore, we have not contacted any of the pharmaceutical companies, but they have contacted us. Through organic spread, we have reached a number of 6,000 doctors.

By reaching the proof of concept, we acknowledged the need for a new technical platform as we planned to scale up internationally. Version 2.0 was made from scratch and launched February 2022. This new platform has then been tested combined with newer versions, latest being launched in April 2023.

Through 2023, we will further consolidate our position in the Norwegian market. At the same time, we are gathering knowledge and looking for partners in the German market. Here we are preparing for a launch in 2024. In April, we will travel to Berlin to be part of DMEA, which is the leading digital health event in Europe. We are also part of a matchmaking program in collaboration with Norway Health Tech. We further plan to increase our activity towards the German market during 2023.

Financial plans

As the revenue is generated by ads, we need to raise capital in several steps before we can generate substantial income.

  • Step 1: April 2023:
    • Need of raising capital: 2-5 million NOK
    • Condition: After reaching 2 million NOK we will close for new investments after 10 days
    • Reasons:
      • Capital needed for further technical development
      • To step up preparations to enter the German market
    • Valuation: 60 million NOK pre-money
  • Step 2: 2023-Q4/2024-Q1
    • Need of raising capital: NOK 10 million
    • Conditions:
      • We have a general understanding of the German market
      • Developed necessary connections with partners
    • Reasons:
      • To prepare the technical solutions of the platform for the German market
      • Conduct marketing in the German market
    • Valuation: 90 million NOK pre-money
  • Step 3: 2025/2026:
    • Need of raising capital: 100 million NOK?
    • Condition: A market size of 20-40% of all doctors in Germany
    • Reasons:
      • To create new technical solutions to generate money from pharmaceutical ads
      • Preparations to launch World of Doctors in most markets in Europe and in the leading markets worldwide
    • Valuation: 900 million NOK


Exit opportunities

We will offer all shareholders an opportunity for an exit at the end of each stage of raising capital based on interest from external investors. Furthermore, each year, if asked, the CEO and chairman of the board will make themselves available for an extraordinary investor meeting. We will use external financial institutions to reach new investors. When selling shares, a cost of 6-8% of the sale value must be expected.


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